Prevention of formwork collapse - C
- Get permission to work with scaffolding at the Road Directorate's building projects

Benefit from the course
You will be able to design and supervise scaffolding works. This course gives permission to work with scaffolding at the Danish Road Directorate's building projects.


»Background material - The supervision manual and typical scaffolding.
»Planning of scaffolding work - organization and feasibility studies.
»Planning - execution, contractor control and supervision.
»Design, modeling, finished construction, special designs, project documentation and quality assurance.
»Execution - including requirements for courses in the prevention of scaffolding, control and supervision.
»Foundation constructions - foundation solutions, feasibility studies and execution.
»Steel constructions - design and execution.
»Scaffolding types - design and execution.
»Wood constructions - design and execution.
»Road and rail traffic considerations.

This is the course
The course's topics are reviewed by the exchange of lectures, discussions and assignment. The course will be completed with a test and a certificate will be issued upon passing a test. In preparation for the course, read the Supervision Manual, which you will find in COURSE MAP. You must print and bring a copy for use during the exam.

Who should attend?
The course is primarily aimed at technicians, such as engineers and building engineers who deal with bridge scaffolding in connection with construction and repair, ie. Designers, scaffolding coordinators and scaffolding supervisors as well as builders.

Coursework manager is M.Sc. Christian Munch-Petersen, EMCON A/S. Other teacher is Specialist Kristian Kruse-Birch, COWI A / S.

Special remarks
The course certificate is valid for 5 years. Then you can take a refresher course in an afternoon and get a renewed course certificate, so it will take another 5 years.

Kursusleder er Civilingeniør Christian Munch-Petersen, EMCON A/S. Øvrig underviser er Kompetencechef Kristian Kruse-Birch, MOE.
DATO14. - 15. september 2021 PRISKr. 8.900,00
STEDNyborg Strand, Nyborg FRIST14. august 2019
ANTAL25 deltagere LEDIGE25 Pladser